Food Pieces

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June 23, 2011 at 4:52pm


at Food Pieces, center for food-related research and design solutions:

Stay tuned as we are finalizing our picnic-as-tool concepts and preparing design manuals for you to apply to your next picnic and change the way you thought, approached or consumed your life!

On our menu we’ll offer a ‘Kiez’ food bus tour to go deep local, a networking picnic to celebrate your community and taste your neighbors favorite treats, a magic hour picnic that is quite magic, a business picnic that’ll make you drop your tie, a highly contagious guerilla gardening family affair, a diplomacy food intervention that’ll make you forget about McDonalds, a food prep game to bond with the colleagues that you haven’t bonded yet, a picnic tool kit for high school students to explore and taste their local nature and learn how to become friends with an otter, a snack attack to boost you with energy when you don’t expect it but need it the most and mucho mucho mas!

It’s cooking. Stay hungry!