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Designers & Researchers

Lamia &

Lamia in action: She designs food and encounters around food. This can be with family and friends or the random passer-by on the streets of Berlin. With her concepts and initiatives she wants to research the potential of creating a poetical space with food and people.


Ingredients or its representation? What makes us want food and believe in its authenticity? Matthes will depart from a consumer psychological angle.

Der tatsächliche Inhalt oder seine Repräsentation? Man könnte auch nach dem Original oder der Kopie fragen.. Mit einer Analyse des Food-Konsums untersucht er Fragen nach Authentizität und was wir genau vom Essen wollen.


Fanny will develop experimental tools to investigate the links between food & humor.

Fanny wird experimentieren und dabei keine Mühe und Mittel scheuen auf der Suche nach Verknüpfungen zwischen Essen und Humor. Und ja wir gehen davon aus, dass sie auf Abwege kommt und die sind dann auch unterhaltsam!


Dustin is thirsty. He’ll have a close look on what we drink. He’s wondering how it can shape, protect and rejuvenate us. What would be the perfect drink for the individual of tomorrow? The class cannot wait to taste some of his healthy super power blends!


Maria will dedicate her research to the many layers of package design for food.

Maria widmet sich den unterschiedlichen Aspekten von Nahrungsmittelverpackungsdesign (ja!). Verpackung als Schutz, Informationsträger, Köder, zum Lagern, Anfassen, Essen..


You ain’t seen nothing yet.. Niels will look for innovative design solutions to deal with a few of our most urgent problems concerning food & globalization..


Susette tripped over garbage. The signifier of our daily feast. She’ll research some truths about our edible waste and come up with a few options what else could be done with it.

Susette ist bei ihren Voruntersuchungen auf einen grossen Berg von Müll gestossen, der mit unserer täglichen Essensaufnahme einhergeht. Sie wird sich dem widmen, was übrig bleibt. Und was damit passieren könnte.


Charlene is researching habits and day-to-day behavior around food to discover the extraordinary.

Charlene untersucht Gewohnheiten um Aussergewöhnliches zu entdecken.


While listing his daily intake for the initial assignment ‘you are what you eat’ Sebastian discovered that he wasn’t really aware of what he was eating and how little nutritious it was. This is about to change as he committed this semester fully to discover himself through food!


Francesca is turning her kitchen into a lab where she will hybridize ancient customs with future trends and blend familiar tastes with unusual textures. It will be edible and Fusion Food will be redefined! She’ll report and present her wild concoctions continuously on her blog! You might want to stop by..


Jana is in search of bizarre, shocking and unusual truths concerning our food, food systems and food productions. She won’t stop at her findings but critically assess the ‘facts’ and dig deeper.. 

Jana ist auf der Suche nach bizarren, schockierenden und ungewöhnlichen Tatsachen und Zusammenhängen zum Thema Ernährung & Co. Sie wird darüber hinausgehend sich eine kritische Sichtweise bewahren und ‘Fakten’ hinterfragen.


Nora will bring food in shape. Her research is concerned with aesthetics and food as Lifestyle!


Information is beautiful. Tobias will look at the immense amount of information around food concerns circulating on the web and translate intricate information into accessible and appealing visuals.


Got Insects? Adrian will investigate along the limits of tasty and disgusting he will liberate us of a view prejudices and find a range of new things for us what can be learned from insects.. 


Gunnar wants to play! With food. He decided to concentrate on the aesthetic and experimental side of our nutrition. His blog is a collection of pop-culture references on the subject. Keep checking in as he’ll start showing his own “food exercises”!