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Assignments & Exercises

#3 The Wrong Campaign

"Sometimes unconventional concepts and solutions come from thinking the opposite way."

We are all excited about food one way or another. We’ve been investigating tasty food, social food, healthy food, utopian food, political food and beautiful food. We researched and also designed good food initiatives and interventions trying to make the world a growing, sustainable and nutritious place. That’s good enough for now.

Tired of improvement? Exhausted of coming up with healthy and politically correct solutions? Bored of being right? What if we were to come up with solutions to make EVERYTHING go WRONG?

Here’s how our team of fed up thinkers will envision the worst in 10 simple steps:

01 Take a break.

02 Zoom out! Go outside, explore, observe and find inspiration.

03 Stumble upon something that catches your interest. Stop and wonder why.

04 Zoom in!

05 Once you have an idea, hold it & work with it.

06 Turn your idea around and develop an evil, destructive, dystopian, moldy, disastrous concept for The Wrong Campaign! It is still all about food, naturally.

07 Write down your proposal in 150 words.

08 Make a Master Plan of how you will accomplish and realize your vicious goal! Include when you will do what. You have five in-class sessions remaining.

09 Get feedback & support throughout your process.

10 Prepare your presentation & show us what you got.

Get ready for deconstruction!

#2 The Picnic Assignment


Young urbanites of our generation, you are seriously confused!  All these options, everywhere, all the time. 

An over abundance of positivity and possibilities. 

We know, it can get overwhelming sometimes..

Therefore our team of critical designers and forward thinkers have developed a range of picnic formats that will come to the rescue and cause instant relief. They have designed the perfect picnic for you. These orchestrated encounters will employ the social aspects of a picnic to cause a rupture in your daily routine and a pause in the constant chase of information and unreflected consumption. In addition to that the picnic format will be coupled with a matching activity that will help process your thoughts, enhance clarity, instigate a fresh exchange and new awareness. 

This highly motivational Picnic as a Tool will help you push things forward and into immediate action. Hence, the perfect solution for a lunch break.

You can see it as a hacked picnic or an advanced workshop. Either way you can book us ANYTIME in any weather. The remedy is just a picnic away!

Yours sincerely,

Young urban picnic developers 



Write a concept for a picnic format that will work as a social pause and a workshop to enhance awareness, motivation and sideway thinking.

Define your target group.

Set a location for a picnic. It can be indoors, outdoors, on the go, etc. 

Keep in mind the particular needs of the young urbanites.

Design a food concept and an activity that will support each other and enhance the outcome of your anticipated cure. The food and the activity will have to match up.

Develop a look and define aesthetics to communicate your kind of picnic experience.

Visualize your ideas using existing materials and your own sketches to create an atmosphere that describes the feeling of how this picnic will be experienced.

Think sustainable and ad hoc.

Think all weather.

Think urban.

Think sideways.

Prepare your picnic pitch so it can be presented during an outdoor picnic.

You can use your research and that of your fellow researchers as a point of departure BUT move beyond!

Part 1

Due Monday, May 16

Concept draft and visual ideas 

Pitch your idea during the next session within a picnic format & receive group feedback.

Part 2 

Due Monday, May 23

Revise your draft according to the feedback received during the first pitch.

Develop and plan a prototype event. Design an invitation of your ideal picnic solution and post it on your tumblr.

Part 3

Due Monday, May 30

Stage “your” Picnic and document it. 

Present your documentation in class 

Part 4

Due Monday, June 6

All your components will be published in a handbook/catalogue including all students contributions - each picnic format will be represented by concept writing, documentation of prototype and invitation to the picnic. Prepare your contribution in the right format and layout so we can “produce” the handbook in class.

#1 Du bist was du isst // You Are What You Eat

It’s a classic! What is a better way to get to know your peers than finding out what they eat, when, how and with whom?

This assignment is also a good warm-up for oneself to focus and sharpen awareness around the subject..

Um einen ersten Eindruck von unserem bunt zusammengewürfelten Designer Team zu bekommen, haben wir auf einen Lebenslauf und Portfolio verzichtet und sie stattdessen aufgefordert fünf Tage lang in Folge ihre Essensgewohnheiten zu dokumentieren - und zwar akribisch:

Wie isst du? Wo isst du? Wann ist du? Gibt es einen Unterschied, wenn du am Institut oder zu Hause isst? Wo kaufst du ein? Worauf achtest du? Mit wem isst du? Und wo kommt der Müll hin? Zeig uns wer du bist und was dich macht! Visualisiere deine Essensgewohnheiten.

Die Vorgehensweise und die Darstellung sind dabei den Studenten überlassen.

Präsentation: 18.4. // Eine Zusammenfassung wird auf deinem Blog gepostet.

All media allowed.

Es läuft zur Zeit ein Video Wettbewerb über das Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Wer also mit Video arbeitet, kann gerne seinen Clip einreichen. Die einzigen zwei Bedingungen: 100 Sekunden und Essen!

Here’s a class from the New School in New York city who went through a similar warm-up procedure:

Exercise #1 Research Block - In Class Exercise      

Research Block // Warm Up

With pencils and index cards at hand the team dispersed and observed the terrain for about 30 minutes focusing on:

Food habits of the locals, signifiers, trails of waste, food as a bonding and excluding element, food for thought and other species, cigarettes, numbers, wrappers and more.

An introduction to the critical design potential on food and its (re-)presentation, distribution, consumption and secretion. Onwards!

Look at the Index Cards

Exercise #2 What’s in a holiday?

Easter Research Special: April seems to be a very well celebrated month internationally. What’s in a holiday? Do your research! What else is there besides Easter? How is it celebrated and where? What has food got to do with it? Post your findings in your OWN words onto YOUR blog. Add tags and imagery. You can use imagery from the internet and you are encouraged to make your own. Feel free to add your own stance to your findings and observations. Don’t hesitate to surprise me.

What's in a holiday?

Dauer der Aufgabe: Über Ostern.

Exercise #3 Internet Research (ongoing!)

Ongoing and no less then 5 links each week of discoveries concerning YOUR food related research with a short note on WHY we should look at the and WHAT is so amazing about it.

Due every Thursday. I will look at your links and who knows they might reappear on FoodPieces.

Duration: Ongoing and at least 5 per week.

Research themes for each week (but NOT limited to):